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obstructionism n : deliberate interference

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  1. The deliberate obstruction of progress, especially of the progress of legislation

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distinguish Obstruction of justice Obstructionism or policy of obstruction denotes the deliberate interference with the progress of a legislation by various means such as filibustering or slow walking which may depend on the respective parliamentary procedures.

Tactics of obstructionism

The most common tactic is the filibuster which consists in extending the debate upon a proposal in order to delay or completely prevent a vote on its passage.
Another form of parliamentary obstruction practised in the United States and other countries is called "slow walking". It specifically refers to the extremely slow speed with which legislators walk to the podium to cast their ballots. For example, in Japan this tactic is known as a "cow walk", and in Hawaii it's known as a "Devil's Gambit". However, slow walking is also used as synonym for obstructionism itself .

Famous obstructionists

John O'Connor Power, Joe Biggar , Frank Hugh O'Donnell and Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish nationalists; all were famous for making long speeches in the British House of Commons.


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